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1. General information for using

All information, compilation and arrangement of are protected by the Copyright Act and related rights. And the name "Camping" is a trademark in the Bulgarian Patent Office. Any use outside of this meaning – publishing text or part of text elsewhere without the knowledge of; its distribution in any form, for any purpose and in any media or computer environment, as well as any form of commercial use, is prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of Bulgarian legislation without prior notice. does not assume responsibility for notifying its users of possible changes to the general terms and conditions.

The use of will be considered an expression of agreement with the stated conditions. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice. does not assume responsibility for notifying its users of possible changes to the general terms and conditions.

2. Definitions

(1); Camping catalog - according to the meaning of the context - tourist catalog providing free information and registration of such; individuals and legal entities representing the catalog
(2) General conditions – conditions for using services
(3) User – any person using the services of according to these General Terms and Conditions
(4) Campsite owner - in the sense of the text in - any person providing information about means of accommodation for a tent, caravan, camper or bungalow, in order to offer a tourist offer
(5) Trader – a legal entity that offers goods or services directly or indirectly related to the practice of camping on the market
(6) Malicious action – in the sense of these General Terms and Conditions, these are all actions or inactions that violate Internet ethics or cause harm to persons connected to the Internet or associated networks; sending unsolicited mail (SPAM, JUNK MAIL); channel overflow (FLOOD); gaining access to resources with foreign rights and passwords; using flaws in systems for personal gain or obtaining information (HACK); carrying out actions that can be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage; damage or destruction of systems or information arrays (CRACK); sending "Trojan horses" or causing the installation of viruses or remote control systems; disrupting the normal operation of other Internet users and associated networks; performing any actions that can be qualified as a crime or an administrative violation in the sense of the Bulgarian legislation.

3. Consent to use

(1) This text contains information about the conditions of use of If for any reason you do not accept the General Terms and Conditions of, we will ask you to leave.
(2) Any use of is considered an expression of agreement with the General Terms and Conditions and obligates the User and the Camping Owner to comply with them.
(3) reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at any time, in accordance with the relevant normative and legal requirements, as well as at its own discretion, without prior notification to the Users and Owners of campsites registered in the Catalog.
(4) The general conditions are published in a prominent place on the website of and are available to every User, Camping Owner and Trader.

4. Rights and obligations of

(1) has the right to send messages to its Users in any form for the purpose of advertising services or goods.
(2) has the right, but not the obligation, to preserve materials and information used and located on the Camping catalog server or made available to third parties by the User and Camping Owner, and to provide them to third parties and the relevant state authorities authorities in cases where this is reasonably necessary to preserve the rights and legal interests, property and security of, as well as of third parties, in cases of claims filed in connection with violation of their rights in connection with information used or disseminated or materials, as well as in cases where the materials or information are requested by state authorities and others.
(3) has the right, but not the obligation, to delete, remove and limit access to data, web pages and resources located or provided by a User and Camping Owner on the server, which are in violation of these General conditions, good manners or Internet ethics.
(4) has the right, but not the obligation, to delete, remove and limit access to information and materials used or made available to third parties in any way by a User and Camping Owner by using the information provided by Camping catalog services and in violation of these Terms, good manners or Internet ethics.
(5) has the right to delete/remove ads for accommodation facilities from its catalog that are duplicated, with priority being given to the ad published by the site owner.
(6) has the right at any time, without notifying the User, when the latter uses the services of the Catalog in violation of these Terms, Internet ethics, good morals, Bulgarian legislation or other applicable norms, as well as at its own discretion, to terminate , suspend or modify the services provided and establish any restrictions regarding their use.
(7) has the right to place links and advertisements of any type, as well as references to reservation systems owned by third parties on the pages of all objects registered in the catalog. This also applies to the pages of the objects that use a paid subscription in the catalog.
(8) has the right to position the objects registered in the Camping catalog and the offers about which it provides information at its discretion. does not guarantee positions for the objects and does not take responsibility for objects that pay for a certain position that they do not actually go to, if all the necessary data are not filled in, including photos, prices, description, correctly entered location on the map and others .
(9) has the right to hide the contact data with campsites.
(10) becomes the owner of the information and photos uploaded to the site and has the right to save and use in any way the information and photos provided by the Camping Owners and the Traders.
(11) has the right to refuse the Owner of a campsite to have his tourist site published in the Camping catalog.
(12) has the right to delete a tourist site in the Camping catalog at its discretion. This includes partial or complete modification or removal of information, photographic material and others.
(13) In the "Equipment" section at the address presents information about commercial offers of Merchants. is not a party to and does not assume any responsibility regarding the relationship between the users of the site and the Merchants about whose offers information is provided. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information in the offers for which it provides information.
(14) Unless explicitly mentioned, is not an intermediary in the relations between the Owners of campsites and Users, as well as between Traders and Users, and has no obligations regarding correspondence and relations (commercial, patent, bond and any other) between them or with third parties in connection with payments, delivery of services, goods, promotions, offers, conditions, guarantees and others arising from these relations, and established and maintained through the use by the Users of the services provided by the Camping catalog.
(15) does not have the obligation and does not guarantee that the services provided will satisfy the requirements of the Users, nor that they will be continuous, timely, secure or that the information provided will be correct. The use of the services provided is entirely at the risk of the User, the Camping Owner and the Merchant.
(16) has no obligation to ensure the satisfaction of specific or specific needs or requirements of the Users of the Camping catalog, as well as of the sites of Camping Owners registered in it.
(17) In order to guarantee the reliability and security of the services, reserves the right to seek assistance from the competent authorities in case of gross violations of these General Terms and Conditions.

5. Use of Data

Since provides free services to its users, they, in turn, by entering the site and opening any of its pages, modules or boxes, agree that:
(1) By entering his e-mail address on any of the pages of the site, the User expressly expresses his consent to receive unsolicited commercial messages from and from Owners, Traders and partners of .
(2) By subscribing his e-mail address to the newsletter, the User agrees to receive e-mails containing tourist information and offers.
(3) The user has the right to cancel his subscription and stop receiving unsolicited commercial messages by e-mail from and from Owners, Merchants and partners of For this purpose, he must state his reluctance in writing.

6. Use of Content

(1) The content on, incl. and in the Camping catalog - information, data, resources, services, text, sound, photo material, graphics, video and audio material - is the property of and/or its partners, suppliers and customers. It may not be reproduced in any form, for any purpose and in any media or computer environment without the express written consent of and/or its partners, suppliers or customers.
(2) does not have the obligation, the objective possibility and does not control the content of the tourist and commercial offers.
(3) is not liable towards the Users, Campsite Owners, Merchants and third parties for damages suffered and lost benefits that occurred as a result of the termination, suspension, change or limitation of the services, deletion, modification, loss, unreliability, inaccuracy, or the incompleteness of data, materials or information transmitted, used, recorded or made available through
(4) has no obligation and does not guarantee the reliability and accuracy, nor the veracity of the information obtained through the use of the services.
(5) is not responsible for damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunications facilities as a result of the use of the information, data, resources, materials and services it provides to its Users, to the Owners of campsites and to the Traders
(6) is not responsible for the loss of data resulting from materials or resources searched, loaded or used in any way through the information, data and services provided by, including the Camping catalog .
(7) The information, data, advice, consultations or assistance provided by the specialists and employees of in connection with the use of the services by the Users, the Owners of campsites and the Traders, does not give rise to any responsibility or obligations for .

7. Rights and obligations of the User

(1) Every User who has accepted the terms of has the right to use the services, resources and information available at, incl. and in the Camping catalog, except in cases where there is a violation of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as Malicious action on his part.
(2) Each User has the right at any time at his own discretion to terminate or suspend the use of the services provided by
(3) A user who has accepted these General Terms and Conditions and subsequently violated them, undertakes to immediately stop using the services, resources and information provided by
(4) Each User undertakes not to publish on messages, materials, comments, etc., which are offensive, with pornographic content, violate the norms of morality and good manners, violate the rights or freedoms of citizens according to the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria .
(5) Every User has the right to use the information published on only for its intended purpose. The User undertakes not to use this information for any other purpose, including but not limited to marketing and promotional purposes.

8. Rights and obligations of the Camping Owner

(1) The owner of a campsite is obliged to provide with up-to-date and reliable information about real objects, including correct data, as well as reliable photographic material.
(2) In the event that the Camping Owner provides incorrect data, has the right to terminate or stop immediately and without notice the provision of services, as well as the maintenance of the object's profile in the Camping catalog.
(3) The campsite owner has the right to request from to change this information in order to update it.


9. General information on use and protection of personal data
From May 25, 2018 a new regulation for the protection of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation), adopted by the European Union, enters into force. The regulation aims to ensure the protection of the data of natural persons from all EU member states and to unify the regulations for their processing.
We inform you that Camping BG Ltd. collects personal data to the extent that they are necessary for registration and attendance on the site, and keeps them responsibly and legally.
10. Grounds for collecting, processing and storing your personal data:
(1) collects and processes your personal data in connection with your visits and handling of the site.
(2) As a user of the site, you agree to the collection and processing of your personal data. If this is not the case, please do not use the site.
11. Objectives and principles in the collection, processing and storage of your personal data
(1) collects and processes the personal data that you provide us in connection with visiting the website and organized events, including for the following purposes:
  • Statistical information about site traffic
  • Sending informational messages
  • Accounting purposes
(2) Camping BG observes the following principles when processing your personal data:
  • legality, good faith and transparency;
  • limitation of processing purposes;
  • relevance to the purposes of the processing and minimization of the data collected;
  • accuracy and timeliness of data;
  • limitation of storage in order to achieve the objectives;
  • integrity and confidentiality of processing and ensuring an appropriate level of personal data security.
12. What types of personal data does collect, process and store? collects and processes your personal data. We collect your information in two ways:
(1) Directly collected data through active user actions:
  • If you register using your Google Account: Your first name, last name and email;
  • If you register using your Facebook profile: we collect your first and last name as visible on your Facebook profile. In the event that you have given permission to Facebook through the privacy option in the application (which is displayed just before you register on our Platform), we may collect information about your gender, age, email address, depending on the permissions you have given ; and
  • If you register through our registration form, we collect your first name, last name, email, avatar (profile picture), city, date of birth.
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter, we collect your name, email and language.
  • If you send messages through our contact form or through the contact form to campsites, we collect your name and email.
(2) Automatically Collected Data:

When you access the site, we automatically collect the following information about you:

  • Device Information – We collect device-specific information such as operating system, version, unique identifiers. This information is non-personalized and collected through Google Analytics.
  • Location Information – Depending on your device's permissions, we automatically collect and process information about your location. This information is non-personalized and collected through Google Analytics.
  • User data when registering and logging into the system - date of registration, language of registration
  • Cookies and similar technologies - These are used to store settings and identifiers necessary for some of the services provided on the site. implements a strict policy in accordance with the new EU requirements. Cookies are used for Google Analytics and site statistics purposes. For more information on cookies, see section III. Cookies policy.
13. Period of storage of your personal data:
(1) When storing data, we apply the general principle of storing data in a minimum volume and for a period no longer than is necessary to provide the Services, ensure their security and reliability and the requirements of the law.
(2) We store registration data (such as first name, last name, email address), information about registration and agreement with the terms (date, time, IP address) and newsletter subscription until the subscription is terminated by you.
14. Your rights in the collection, processing and storage of your personal data
(1) If you do not wish all or part of your personal data to continue to be processed by for specific or all processing purposes, you may at any time withdraw your consent to processing by sending a message to us in a free text.
(2) may ask you to verify your identity and identity with the person to whom the data relates.
15. Right to access and receive information
(1) You have the right to request and receive confirmation from as to whether personal data related to you is being processed.
(2) You have the right to receive information about the data related to you, as well as the right to access the information relating to the collection, processing and storage of your personal data.
(3) provides you, upon request, a copy of the processed personal data related to you, in electronic or other appropriate form.
(4) The provision of data information is free of charge, but reserves the right to impose an administrative fee in case of repetitive or excessive requests.
(5) You may request Camping to inform you about all recipients to whom the personal data for which correction, deletion or restriction of processing has been requested has been disclosed. may refuse to provide this information if it would be impossible or require a disproportionately large effort.
(6) undertakes to keep your personal data carefully and legally and not to provide it to third parties, unless this is required by law.
16. Right of Correction or Completion
You can correct or complete inaccurate or incomplete personal data related to you by making a request to
17. Right to Erasure
You have the right to request from Camping BG OOD the deletion and deletion of your personal data, and Camping BG OOD has the obligation to delete them without undue delay when one of the following circumstances is present:
(1) The personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;
(2) You withdraw your consent on which the data processing is based and there is no other legal basis for the processing;
(3) You object to the processing of your personal data, including for direct marketing purposes, and there are no overriding legal grounds for the processing;
the personal data were processed unlawfully;
(4) is not obliged to delete personal data if it stores and processes them:
  • for reasons of public interest
  • for the purposes of archiving in the public interest, for scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes;
  • for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.
18. Right to Object
You can object at any time to the processing of personal data by that relate to you, including if it is processed for the purposes of profiling or direct marketing.
19. What security measures have we taken at Camping BG OOD regarding the security of the personal data you store on our infrastructure?
The security of any type of information, including personal data, residing on our infrastructure is a priority for us as a company. Security is something we cannot afford to compromise on. We have made every effort to fully comply with the new regulation on the protection of personal data and use computer configurations with a high level of security and a secure Internet connection.


20. Cookies

Cookies are small files stored temporarily on your hard drive and allow our site to recognize your computer the next time you visit We use cookies to ensure the normal functioning of the site, as well as to show you content that is closest to what you are looking for. Additionally, if you are subscribed to our email newsletter, cookies are used so that we can send you the most relevant offers.

21. Third party cookies

The site uses third-party systems, including statistical information systems (e.g. Google Analytics), advertising platforms (e.g. Google AdWords and Google AdSense), as well as social applications (e.g. those of Facebook). These systems may also place cookies on your device, more information about which can be found in the general terms and conditions of each of these systems.

22. does not store personal information in cookies.

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